Companies are people. choose yours wisely.

WE builT a tropical innovation studio as an headquarters.
an innovation campus, and a Private custom Co-work all rolled into one space.

for you. the healthy team.


At HealthyDynamics, we believe in life at work and life outside of work. We want our team members to be happy and healthy, as well as have the resources and the support they need to thrive.

we promote balance - from work-from-anywhere, to team-guided deliverables, to team determined scrum cycles, all enabling better time outside of work, with family, friends, and yourself.


Your mastery in a variety of skills is critical in contributing to the overall success of our products.  Your ability to translate what is needed into the lines of codes, systems and platforms. You build products that cater to these needs, alongside other team mates in our Product,Operations and Business Development teams makes you a go to person when it comes to ensuring our technology brings joy to our clients, internal teams and project partners.

if companies are people, why don't all companies treat thier people better. we belive there is a healthier way to run businesses - come find out how.

A healthy work environment

●      We have an amazing Bali-Based Innovation studio office environment – California startup vibes in Silicon BALI !!
●      Hybrid work model - Distributed team enables remote working; work alongside other remote/offline team members!
●      Personal DevelopmentPlan – progress your passion, skills, seniority and qualifications
●      Be Awesome!

ENGINEERS & Designers, NEED TO build better, with better tools, and better space - so we provider this.

Healthy office benefits

●      Oculus VR stations in office – we build the next internet – come play!
●      (Nice) 32’ or27’ screen for all team members.
●      Specific Gear for roles including hardware, software, gear and swag.
●      Individual / ConcentrationOffices optional
●      Separate Ops& Engineering team areas
●      Group / TeamRooms
●      Chill Out& Kitchen Area
●      PS5! Gaming and break area in office
●      Friday Beers!Select Fruits, Drinks and snacks throughout week.
●      (Working on)an Outdoor break space.
●      (Working on) Loud(music/work) Rooms + Quite (chill/work) rooms

A problem is easier to solve with a good coffee and juice and fruit on hand. a place to contimplate, or within a 5minute ride towards the beach, come solve problems in a tropical innovation studio.

Healthy culture benefits

●      13th Month after 3-months initial contract.
●      PIP :Position Improvement Plan – training and skill development on job – custom progression plan that keeps you growing.
●      Progressive seniority plan, monthly one-on-one’s, yearly reviews with bonus potential; goal and improvement based.
●      Secure EmploymentContract Terms – clear and transparent office, team and role rules.
●      Flex Hours –Hybrid Work Model – output focused, not hours focused
.●      Self-DeterminedWork From Home (wfa) Days.
●      Self-DirectedWorkflow – team-based milestones.
●      Team Standup> daily coordinated effort with team.
●      Excitement detectable on calls, in person and via project interaction.

join a team that cares, and pushes. e - all while being healthy. problems are easy, when life is healthy.


●      Be part of a team that includes Spatial Web and Metaverse Luminaries.  
●      Ninja Culture of bringing in extremely skills leads, enthusiastic and experienced software engineers, engaged business leaders and dedicated engineering support team.
●      Surround yourself with the smartest, most enthusiastic and dedicated people you’ll ever meet, but who listen well, we aim to learn from our mistakes and when things go wrong, generously pull together to help each other out.¨  
●      We use just culture, and bring this through all our company systems and process, reviews and meetings. We want you to succeed.
●      Check out our values - they’re a living, breathing part of our culture
●       Enjoy benefits including a generous vacation policy, professional development plan, flexible working locations and more.
●      Competitive salary packages including stock participation options (for senior roles).

Life is a joy when work is ajoy. Enjoy your work, work hard, adn play, rest, and live hard. find balance, a healthy balance.


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