Simple, straight foward hiring. Clear steps, quick descisions.

We believe in a healthy way to hire great talent: treat them with respect.

we use the same four steps for every applicant,
making healthy jobs easy to follow.

Step 1: are we a match?

<> once you apply, through a platform or service, or directly at, we review your application.
<> We aim to give you an indication within 48hours, with a simple direction of interested, or not at this time.

<> if there is interest, and you match the current role, we'll reach out and set up a casual conversation.
<> this is usually a video interview and discussion, getting to know you better, and to understand your motivation.
<> we'll do a experience and skill review, but keep it pretty light.

<> we're looking to find match - are we both interested to move forward?

Step 2A: In-Person Discussion

<> lets meet in person! we'll review your application, and go deeper.
<> We aim to give you an introduction and deeper understanding of what we do, and where we are looking to grow. This is where you come in; we'll discuss together what this could be.

<> We'll look deeper at your work, and talk about past experiences, all while focussing on your current and future focus.
<> this is a deeper discussion, getting to know you better, and to understand your motivation.
<> we'll do a deeper experience and skill review, and are looking for problem solving.
<> we cold cover scenarios, or ask questions on how you have in the past, or would in the future solve problems.

<> we're looking for skills and experience match & communication styLe and work habits alignment.

Step 2B : The Test

<> We ask all applicants to perform a test.
<> this is always in your area, and looks to test both skills and knowledge, but also approach adn problem-solving.

<> We're looking for problem solving skills, adn more about the approach to a problem adn how to solve it, rather than getting THE answer correct.

STEP 3 : TEAM Meeting and the offer

<> for all in-office roles we have you meet the team and talk about the role, there areas, and about what working together would look like.
<> we collect feedback there and then, and come to a decision.
<> if successful we move to the offer, and discuss details and options within contract and agreements, what equipment is need, any notice period, and the terms and conditions of each contract.
<> if all goes well, you walk out with a job offer and a confirmation email! 

When you join Healthy Dynamics, you join a team that values each OTHERS time, AND respects THE team effort. you'll be part of THE crew HELPING to welcom THE next healthy team members!

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